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WiNode 4 (Kit)

WiNode 4 (Kit)


A Standalone wireless control and monitoring board. Includes real time clock, dual motor driver and micro sd card slot. Supplied as standard at 868 MHz.

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WiNode 4 is the latest standalone wireless node – designed to complement Nanode RF.

WiNode can send and receive data wirelessly from a Nanode RF basestation  or a network of other WiNodes or compatible devices. Data can be sent via the basestation and onwards to the internet.

WiNode can be programmed to switch it’s various outputs from commands issued from a web browser – relayed via a Nanode RF

WiNode has been designed to be a starting platform for a number of wireless based designs including sensors, actuators and controls.

WiNode comes with a 2Amp motor H-Bridge Driver IC, a microSD card socket, and a 32K SRAM.

Real Time Clock IC  with super capacitor backup.

WiNode is aimed at applications requiring motor, relay or high power LED switching as well as data logging applications, saving data to the microSD.

WiNode 4 is capable of playing audio files from the microSD card and to a loudspeaker via 2 channels of the H-bridge driver IC.  Applications include customised wireless doorbells, internet annunciators, art projects etc.

WiNode can interface directly to the popular Sharp infra red distance sensor and be used to build interactive devices.


This kit comes with all the parts ready for you to solder and assemble yourself, though we have soldered on the micro SD card for you. You can practice your soldering and be a part of what you are making. See bottom for list of required tools etc

  • WiNode features the same ATmega328P microcontroller with the following peripherals
  • RFM12B wireless module – 868MHz is standard but also available with 433MHz part –request 433MHz special order here
  • 4 ADC channels with divider resistor arrays allowing choice of 10V input or 36V input
  • Screw terminals allow quick and easy connection to other devices
  • Compatible with Arduino shield footprints – add your own hardware on a proto-shield
  • 4 high current (2A) driver outputs for driving dc motors, relays or other high current devices including high power LEDS.
  • Real time clock calendar with super-capacitor backup on board
  • MicroSD Card Socket for volume data logging etc. included on board
  • WiNode fits inside a popular plastic case with battery compartment and can be powered from 2 x AA batteries
  • Dimensions 63mm x 55mm x 15mm