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Nanode Gateway

Nanode Gateway

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Please visit our friends at who also stock the Nanode RF Gateway

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Sorry – This product is sold out


Please visit  who also stock the Nanode RF  Gateway



The Nanode Gateway is the access point to all of our RF enabled Nanode boards and devices. It acts as a bridge between the ethernet and compatible wireless devices (868MHz and optional 433MHz)

The Nanode Gateway is a ready assembled surface mount board. It comes ready to go – straight out of the packet.

The Nanode Gateway is available with or without an RFM12B module included on board.

Our usual RFM12B module is for 868MHz Wireless connectivity.

Should you wish to use 433MHz we recommend you buy a Nanode Gateway – without wireless and fit a 433MHz RFM12B module.
These are available from CPC, Farnell, RS Components and Maplin Etc.

The Nanode Gateway can be used with our WiNode sensor/actuator board and also Jeenode, Funky, emonTX, and emonGLCD from our other supplier friends.


  • Ready to Go – fully assembled surface mount circuit board
  • Compatible with Nanode RF, WiNode, Jeenode and Open Energy Monitor products
  • ATmega328P microcontroller running at 16MHz
  • ENC28J60 ethernet controller with 25MHz crystal and ethernet connector
  • 74HCT125 signal buffers
  • Breadboard friendly 0.1″ spacing on all I/O signals
  • Reset switch and LEDS at the edge of the pcb – where you can get at them, if you have a shield fitted
  • Includes:
  • Hope RF RFM12B wireless module (868MHz)
  • 3V3 board operation
  • Program and power via the 6 pin FTDI type connector.  This needs a programming cable – available from Nanode or FTDI.
  • micro USB power connector
  • Red and green LEDs for program diagnostics
  • On the pcb there are positions to accept a realtime clock, an additional dataflash memory or a microSD card socket (requires fine soldering and NOT included with this package).
  • Dimensions 63mm x 55mm x 18mm